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IT staff unplugged computers in a race to stop the malware spreading.

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And an anonymous tip-off enabled BBC News to follow the ransom negotiations in a live chat on the dark web. IT staff unplugged computers in a race to stop the malware spreading. Cyber-security experts say these sorts of negotiations are now happening all over the world - sometimes for even larger sums - against the advice of law-enforcement agencies, including the FBI, Europol and the UK's Hackeg Cyber Security Centre.

In the first week of this month alone, Proofpoint's cyber-security analysts say they saw more than one million s with using a variety of phishing he,p, including fake Covid testsent to organisations in the US, France, Germany, Greece, and Italy. Six hours later, the university asked for more time and for details of the hack to be removed from Netwalker's public blog.

Haacker told BBC News: "The data that was encrypted is important to some of the academic work we pursue as a university serving the public good.

But there is also a countdown timer ticking down to a time when the hackers either double the price of their ransom, or hadker the data they have scrambled with malware. Netwalker alone has been linked to at least two other ransomware attacks on universities in the past two months.

But with identity theft becoming a more popular form of fraud, according to the Federal Trade Commission FTCmore attention is being paid to chat rooms that serve as flea markets for hackers. Organisations are encouraged to regularly back-up their data offline.

And the next day, The feds were able to track down the hacker known as "Mafiaboy" when he bragged about his exploits in chat rooms. Instructed to log in - either by or a ransom note left on hacked computer screens - UCSF was met with the following message, posted on 5 June.

That same aspect of IRC also makes it a tough digital obstacle for law enforcement.