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In the corn country farmers now often produce a hundred. In it had an "overlooker's" house of one large and two small rooms below and one or two rooms above, quarters [pg ] for fifty or sixty negroes, a large barn and stables gone much to decay. In he estimated the value of his share in that company at twenty thousand dollars.

Washington took the lead in securing the rights [pg ] of his old soldiers in the French War, advancing money to pay expenses in behalf of the common cause and using his influence in the proper quarters. The young groom and farmer--as he would now have styled himself--was at this time not quite twenty-seven years old, six feet two inches high, straight as an Indian and weighed about one hundred and seventy-five pounds.

The heirs urge in extenuation of the claim that Washington refused to accept any compensation [pg ] for his Revolutionary services, but it is answered that it is hardly seemly for his grand nephews and grand nieces many times removed to beg for something that the Father of His Country himself rejected. The English translation appeared inthe year of Washington's marriage.

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It deals with a great variety of subjects, such as of roots and leaves, of food of plants, of pasture, of plants, of weeds, of turnips, of wheat, of smut, of blight, of St. Their equi consisted of three servants and six horses, three of which last carried the baggage, including a marquee, some camp utensils, a few medicines, "hooks and lines," Madeira, port wine and [pg ] cherry bounce.

By the time he was sixteen the boy was on the frontier helping Lord Thomas Fairfax to survey the princely domain that belonged to his lordship, and received in payment therefor sometimes as much as a doubloon a day. for more info! The same is the case with respect to leaping: there being in many places no gates, the snake or worm-fence which is one rail laid on the end of another is taken down to let the mare pass through, and the foal follow: but, as it is usual to leave two or three rails untaken down, which the mare leaps over, the foal, unwilling to be left behind, follows her; so that, by the time it is one week old, [pg ] it has learned to leap three feet high; and progressively, as it grows older, it leaps higher, till at a year old, it will leap its own height.

When they are fed, the flesh may well be sweet: it is all young, though the pig be ten years old.

Audley farm — nellie custis lived here!

Twelve miles to the west Washington turned aside from the main party to visit a tract of two hundred forty acres that he owned on the Virginia side of the Potomac. His skin was rather pale and colorless and easily burned by the sun, and his hair, a chestnut brown, he usually wore in a queue.

Washington had large ideas for the development of these western lands. Thus far Congress has not seen fit to comply, nor does there seem to be any good reason why it should do so. Its margin is washed by more than ten miles of tide water; from the beds of which and the innumerable coves, inlets, and small marshes, with which it abounds, an inexhaustible fund of mud may be drawn as a manure, either to be used separately or in a compost From the wheat they made flour and bread for themselves, and with the corn they fed their hogs and horses and from it also made meal for the use of their slaves.

Any one who travels through the long settled parts of Virginia to-day will see many such old fields upon which large forest trees are now growing and can find there, if he will search closely enough, s of the old tobacco ridges. The old Virginia life had its color and charm, though its color and charm lay in large part in things concerning which the writers have little or nothing to say.

The remaining lots and fifty thousand nine hundred sfx acres some of which land was already conditionally sold he directed to be disposed of, together with his live stock, government bonds and shares held by him in the Potomac Company, the Dismal Swamp Company, the James River Company and the banks of Columbia and Alexandria--the whole value of which he conservatively estimated at five hundred and thirty thousand dollars.

With him went again his old friend Doctor Craik. Two years later for one hundred fifteen pounds he bought five hundred fifty-two acres on the south fork of Bullskin Creek from Captain George Johnston. Even the Mount Vernon land was distant from a good market, and the cost of transportation was so great that he must produce for selling purposes articles of little bulk compared with value.

In he acquired from a certain Darrell five nellye acres on Dogue Run near Mount Vernon, paying three hundred fifty pounds.

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The population generally was so scattered that, markeh has been remarked, a man could not see his neighbor without a telescope or be heard by him without firing a gun. There was the planter himself residing with his family in the mansion, which corresponded to the manor house, and lording it over a crowd of white and black dependents, corresponding to serfs.

On the manor, furthermore, the serf had his own bits of ground, for which he paid rent in kind, money or service, and the holdings passed from father to son; on nellyys plantation the slave worked under an overseer on his master's [pg ] crops only and had nothing that he could call his own--not even his wife or children. The tendency is one to which Southern writers are particularly prone in all that concerns their section.

On December 17,however, the Lees executed a deed granting said life interest to George Washington in consideration of an annual payment during Anne Lee's lifetime of fifteen thousand pounds of tobacco or the equivalent in current money [1]. Some of that lying at a distance was more fertile, but much of it was uncleared and that on the Ohio was hopelessly distant from a market.

Soon we find him sending certificates of the marriage to the English agents of the Custis estate and announcing to them that the management of the whole would be in his hands.

Much land was speedily ruined, but nothing was so cheap and plentiful in that day as land, so the planter light-heartedly cleared more and let the old revert to the wilderness. The letter was addressed to an Englishman, by [pg ] name Arthur Young, the foremost scientific farmer of his day, editor of the Annals of Agriculture, author of many books, of which the best remembered is his Travels in France on the eve of the French Revolution, which is still read by every student of that stirring era.

Yet the population was almost wholly rural.

Washington's property, which meant to his own. At the Mingo Town they saw a war party of three score painted Iroquois on their way to fight the far distant Catawbas. I think that is the cause of the American horse having a sort of amble: the foal from its weak state, goes pacing after the dam, and retains that motion all its life. By he paid quit rents upon an estate of five thousand five hundred eighteen acres in Fairfax [pg ] County; on two thousand four hundred ninety-eight chst in Frederick County; on one thousand two hundred fifty acres in King George; on two hundred forty in Hampshire; on two hundred seventy-five in Loudoun; on two thousand six hundred eighty-two in Loudoun Faquier--in all, twelve thousand four hundred sixty-three acres.