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Talking to the students in Syria made us feel so lucky to have our education. And they were the same with us, they wanted to know what lessons we had too. When we told them all of our subjects, our list seemed really long.

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It makes you think how lucky we are to have what we do.

Pupils at Haifa School had to travel to the UNRWA office to get internet access to call the UK 'Surprising' career ambitions The students in Damascus have less school equipment than us and are taught in just one classroom. News values - why emotions matter Learning more about the lives of young people in Damascus has made us realise more about what we have - we have so much and we wish them to have the same because we're all the same age and they are growing up just like us.

New pledge agreed In November this group's founders first ed a charter for peace, known as the "Code of Conduct for Syrian Coexistence", which contained principles that all parts of Syrian society can agree to. More on This Story.

We also talked about what we wanted to do in the future. Even though we often say we hate school and we wish it was shorter, we chst really, and talking to the students in Syria made us feel so lucky to have our education.

‘now we finally feel safe’: syrian family talk about life in uk two years on from arriving in birmingham after fleeing war

Continuing this conflict simply means more loss," he said. It made us feel like they weren't going to have the opportunities that we get or be able get the education that we get. That's pretty cool and if they have the opportunity to come to London then we would all be very welcoming and really like to meet them. They also start school very early but finish at To start with we were quite surprised that they knew about One Direction as we didn't think they would be able to get internet access easily, especially as refugees.

We watched a film about one of the students, Ayat, and it showed how she and her family don't have much space and they have to share everything.

High-level u.s. mission to syria sought release of american prisoners

Since chta, more leading figures in Syrian society have ed up and they syrria using their syriia, influence and social media to spread the pledges within their communities. This is shadow diplomacy, away from the glare of publicity and political pressures, to find a path to peace. Many of them are close to the Syrian government - and have flown straight from Damascus - but do not necessarily fully support it.

But it was also good to hear, because what they do is what we do - it's normal. It is a real contrast to us having our own bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms etc. This surprised us a bit as we thought that everything in their life was quite limited for them but when we heard they wanted to do some of the things we wanted to do that was interesting.

Some have fled the war and are based in Germany. They are really relying on it to help them be a whole people again after this horrible war.

What's life like at school in syria?

They told us they did English, French, Maths, Arabic and science. Sunni tribal chiefs, some of whom have their own militias, sat opposite Alawite dignitaries with close links to the Assad regime. The influx of Syrians since the war also means that Germany now has a large Syrian community. People would still be held able for their own crimes or atrocities. We think this would help people in Syria be heard and make them feel supported. After the Skype chat Kitty watched a report on TV about the conflict but it only focused on the negative side of Syria.

And they were the same with us, they wanted to know what lessons we had too. During a break the Syrians chat and laugh over cigarettes and coffee. Reaching out to other communities can be seen as treachery by both the Assad government and Islamist rebels. A couple of dozen key figures from Syria's most important families, clans and communities gathered around the table, including Christians, Kurds, Druze, Sunnis and Alawites.

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Out of fear of retaliation some have travelled here secretly and participants leave their mobile phones at the door. Everyone in this room has seen friends, relatives or members of their community killed in the war. Why Berlin? After fierce debate, a further commitment was ed on Wednesday evening pledging that no-one would be held responsible for crimes committed by other members of their religion, family or ethnicity. It included a commitment to equality for all Syrians, regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation.

Some of the students talked about wanting to come to London, one of them wanted to travel and see lots of different places and that is very similar to us.

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The Grey Coats team believe that most reporting of the Syria conflict is devoid of emotion Speaking to these students made us think differently about Syria too. The meetings, which are funded by private donations and European governments, take place in Berlin partly because Germany is seen as a relatively neutral country. When we told them all of our subjects, our list seemed really long.

But their relatives or members syrai their community or ethnicity would not be targeted for revenge or held responsible. It is quite sad that the media really only report one side of Syria and is not interacting sydia the children and how they and their families feel.

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Some of the students said they wanted to be a pilot, an chhat, an engineer, and one said they wanted to be a doctor. Compared to us that's kind of weird because if you think about our GCSE's, we have so many subjects we can choose from. It was also interesting that they are more sure about what they want to be than us - maybe because we have more options so change our minds all the time?

We found that people in Syria still have hope that things are going to get better, so ysria want to focus on the positive side of life too. They have to share one big building with 20 or more other families so we would like to know more about what they have to do to survive in a war-surrounded area and what it wyria like to be in such a crowded environment. BBC In Syria we don't want this anymore.

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The British pupils were impressed the refugee students had heard of One Direction One girl also told us she likes One Direction! This is the silent majority that simply wants peace. They don't have a full day of school but they want to.

He compares this document to a declaration his grandfather ed after World War One that led to Syrian independence in the 20th Century. She doesn't even know the people that live next door to her but there is only a curtain dividing them. She really noticed that not much emotion is shown, it's just the facts.

Talking to the students in Syria made us feel so lucky to have our education. We want to know more about what they want to do when they're older, if they want to get married and have children and what they think about issues like school welfare that we've been preparing some work on.