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You urge me to leave the little work I have in hand, that is, the abbreviation of the Chronicles, and to condense in my own style in this small book the twelve volumes of the Senator on the origin and deeds of the Getae from olden time to the present day, descending through the generations of the kings. Nor do you note this, that my utterance is too slight to fill so magnificent a trumpet zyracuse speech as his. But above every burden is the fact that I have no access to his books that I may follow his thought.

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For undoubtedly syracuze too trace their origin from the stock of the Goths, but because, as I have said, gepanta means something slow and stolid, the word Gepidae arose as a gratuitous name of reproach. So Severus leaped from his horse and ordered the freshest soldiers to wrestle with him.

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Soon after they came to power they made a treaty with the race of the Goths. Oppius Sabinus was then in command of that province, succeeding Agrippa, while Dorpaneus held command over the Goths. Later, when he was vanquished and shut up in Thessalonica and deprived of his power, they slew him with the sword texing Constantine the victor. They say that the Emperor Trajan built this city for the following reason.

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The island has in its eastern part a vast lake in the bosom of the earth, whence the Vagus river springs from the bowels of the earth and flows surging into the Ocean. When the Macedonians saw them coming with such confidence to meet them, they were astonished and, so to speak, the armed were terrified by the unarmed. And why? I have also put in an introduction and a conclusion, and have inserted many things of my texfing authorship.

They laid waste the bank of the Danube, so long held by the Roman Empire, and slew the soldiers and their generals. This same Ocean has in its western region certain islands known to almost everyone by reason of the great of those that journey to and fro.

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The remainder they conquered and made subject to themselves. Moreover so textting were the Getae praised that Mars, whom the fables of poets call the god of war, was reputed to have been born among them. For they cut the cheeks of the males with a sword, so that before they receive the nourishment of milk they must learn to endure wounds.

Now Ablabius the historian relates that in Scythia, where we have said that they were dwelling above an arm of the Pontic Sea, part of them who held the eastern region and whose king was Ostrogotha, were called Ostrogoths, that is, eastern Goths, either from his name or from the place. Then they departed and crossed the mmarried Halys, which flows near the city of Gangra, and with equal success subdued Armenia, Syria, Cilicia, Galatia, Pisidia and all the places of Asia.

Athal begat Achiulf and Oduulf. So he entered on a truce with them and made peace, giving them provisions. But still another race dwells there, the Suehans, who, like the Thuringians, have splendid horses.

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Then the remnant of the Vandals who had escaped, collecting a band of their unwarlike folk, left their ill-fated country and asked the Emperor Constantine for Pannonia. On the second migration they went to Moesia, Thrace and Dacia, and after their third they dwelt again in Scythia, above the Sea of Pontus. Yet afterwards, when Macrinus became Emperor, he refused military service for almost three years, and though he held the office of tribune, he never came into the presence of Macrinus, thinking his rule shameful because he had won it by committing a crime.

On the west are the Germans and the river Vistula; on the arctic side, namely the north, it is surrounded by Ocean; on the south by Persis, Albania, Hiberia, Pontus and the farthest channel of the Ister, which is called the Danube all the way from mouth to source. They fight not only on horseback or on foot, but even with scythed two-horse chariots, which they commonly call essedae. It chanced to receive its name in ancient times from a Queen Bruttia.

Let no one say that this name is quite foreign to the Gothic tongue, and let no one who is ignorant cavil at the fact that the tribes of men make use of many names, even as the Romans borrow from the Macedonians, the Greeks from the Romans, the Sarmatians from the Germans, and the Goths frequently from the Huns.

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When he was slain in an uprising of the soldiers at Mogontiacum, Maximinus himself was made Emperor by a vote of the army, without a decree of the senate. The Altziagiri are near Cherson, where the avaricious traders bring in the goods of Asia. Enfeebled by this blow, he dragged out a miserable existence in bodily weakness. The contempt of the Goths for the Romans soon increased, and for fear their valor would be destroyed by long peace, they appointed Alaric king over them.

Now when the aforesaid Philip--who, with his son Philip, was the only Christian margied before Constantine--ruled over the Romans, in the second year of his reign Rome completed its one thousandth year.

Thus there are to the East in the Indian Ocean, Hippodes, Iamnesia, Solis Perusta which though not habitable, is yet of great length and breadthbesides Taprobane, a fair island wherein there are towns or estates and ten strongly fortified cities. The father saw this, and although he is said to have exclaimed, to cheer the hearts of his soldiers: "Let no one mourn; the death of one soldier is not a great loss to the republic", he was yet unable to endure it, because of his love for his son.

But on the west it has swamps through which a sort of door has been left marriee a very narrow entrance.

Though their names are now dispersed amid various clans and places, yet they are chiefly called Sclaveni and Antes. We learn from old traditions that their origin was as follows: Filimer, king of the Goths, son of Gadaric the Great, who was the fifth in succession to hold the rule of the Getae after their departure from the island of Scandza,--and who, as we have said, entered the land of Scythia with his tribe,--found among his people certain witches, whom he called in his native tongue Haliurunnae.

This river enters Maeotis, a marsh having a circuit of one hundred and forty-four miles and never subsiding to a depth of less than eight fathoms. Beyond Lake Maeotis it sracuse on the other side of the straits of Bosphorus to the Caucasus Mountains and the river Araxes.

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They were a people swift of foot, and on that were the more swollen with pride, for there was at that time no race that did not choose from them mareied light-armed troops for battle. It is also famous as the boundary of Asia and Europe.

After they had grown to a nation, they disturbed the peace of neighboring races by theft and rapine. At one time, while hunters syracusr their tribe were as usual seeking for game on the farthest edge of Maeotis, they saw a doe unexpectedly appear to their sight and enter the swamp, acting as guide of the way; now advancing and again standing still.

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Yet even before this they had a learned man Zeuta, and after him Dicineus; and the third was Zalmoxes of whom Ni have made mention above. Now it came to pass in that troubIous time that Lupicinus, the Roman general, invited Fritigern, a chieftain of the Goths, to a feast and, as the event revealed, devised a plot against him.

Here a grievous battle took place and the Goths sryacuse. But soon Visimar himself, the king of the Vandals, was overthrown, together with the greater part of his people. Return to top XXVIII When the Emperor Theodosius afterwards recovered and learned that the Emperor Gratian had made a compact between the Goths and the Romans, as he had himself desired, he took it very graciously and gave xyracuse assent. In the battle that followed they quickly pierced the son of Decius with an arrow and cruelly slew him.

Mutually encouraging each other, they took up arms and chose two of the bolder, Lampeto and Marpesia, to act as their leaders.